Digital Literacy Assessment

Test Your Digital Literacy

Assess your Digital Skills and achieve a Certificate of Completion to add to your resume. You can assess your digital literacy skills at your own pace and schedule from home or at your Library.
  • Take the various digital literacy assessments at your own pace on the NorthStar Digital Literacy Assessment (NDLA) homepage
  • Assessments are available in 12 basic digital literacy skills:
    1. Basic Computer Skills
    2. Internet Basics
    3. Using E-mail
    4. Windows 10
    5. Mac OS X
    6. MS Word
    7. MS Excel
    8. MS PowerPoint
    9. Social Media
    10. Info Literacy
    11. Career Search Skills
    12. Your Digital Footprint
Note: You can assess your digital literacy skills in each NorthStar skill area (module) only once per day. In other words, you can take all twelve modules only once a day These sessions will be un-proctored and will not lead to a NorthStar Certificate. To EARN your NorthStar Certificate in each of the above skill areas you must schedule a PROCTORED session.
  • Proctored NorthStar Digital Literacy Assessment (NDLA) sessions are offered at scheduled times.
Downtown Library, Learning Lab Tuesdays and Wednesdays 12 – 1 PM.
  • Proctored NDLA Sessions are offered at your local neighborhood library. Please call for dates and times.
Note: You can take each NDLA module only once during a scheduled proctored session. If you score 85% or better, you will be awarded the NDLA Certificate. The number of certificates you earn will depend on the time allotted for the proctored session, the pace at which you complete each assessment, and your score of 85% or better on each assessment.
  • If you score lower than 85%, we suggest you take an online tutorial in the areas needing improvement before you take the proctored assessment again.

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