Helpful Resources

Helpful Resources


The following self-help guides provide information on immigration removal proceedings and several common forms of relief from removal (deportation). The guides are tailored to assist individuals in immigration court proceedings and are available in all immigration courts. NOTE: the guides should be used for general informational purposes only and are not a substitute for legal advice. CLICK HERE for the self-help guides.  

The American Place provides immigration help for Green Card Renewals and N-400 applications. If you require assistance with other immigration procedures, please CLICK HERE to see a full list of referrals to other helpful organizations. 

General legal help for low income Connecticut residents.  For information in English CLICK HERE. For information in Spanish CLICK HERE 

If you are worried about what will happen to your children if you are detained or deported, you should make a family preparedness plan. There is no cost to utilize any of the documents contained in the CT Family Preparedness Plan, and neither attorneys nor court action are needed. The plan is available in several languages. CLICK HERE 

The Immigration and Nationality Act prohibits employers when hiring or discharging from discriminating because of national origin against U.S. citizens or immigrants with work authorization: permanent residents (Green Card holders), temporary residents (that is, individuals who have gone through the legalization program), refugees, and asylees. CLICK HERE to learn rights and responsibilities. 


The Malta House of Care medical clinic provides high-quality, free primary health care to uninsured adults in Greater Hartford including immigrants. CLICK HERE for locations and hours.

For COVID-19 information in English CLICK HERE; for information in Spanish CLICK  HERE.

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